Paco Tourté


The beginning

Paco Tourté began as an upholsterer aged 15 with the Compagnons du Devoir.

He does practise his job far from conventions, but with the spirit of tradition he inherited from his training…

He opened his first shop in 2001. In his singular place, he set both his upholstery workshop and a shop-and-decoration area, where he also displayed all his almost compulsively antiquing-found armchairs. Entirely shaped by the French expertise tradition, his products have shown a very present whilst retro-influenced mood.

2009 was the year

Paco decided to create his own model, from A to Z. 3 years afterwards, Original French Armchair label was born: armchairs made of exception that can be thought of as real pieces of art, almost sculptures, gathering aesthetics, comfort and high-standard creation.

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Inspired by the 1930’s felted lounges, Mortimer is more than an armchair. Creation, sculpture, object: impossible to categorise but easy to set in any kind of place and atmosphere. Made in our OFA label shops, Mortimer is a subtle mix between French elegance tradition and some sort of an anti-conformist, free spirit.

Technical features:

  • Wooden structure
  • Strap stuffing, Bultex HR foams and shape memory foam.
  • Oak and ash wood armrests, with new options to come (still working on metal inclusion options)
  • Dimensions: width 75 cm, height 80 cm, depth 85 cm, and weight 25 kilos (ou bien 75 cm wide, 80 cm high, 85 cm deep and weighing 25 kilos)

The galerie


Your armchair


Mortimer Leather

Mortimer’s leather rendering evokes luxury, sensuousness and sensuality. Made out of exceptional leather, selected in our shop for its robustness and firmness, as well as its nice touch aspect, the series can fit in any sort of atmosphere, from the most classical to the most design-style ones.

Mortimer Flanelle

The Wool Mortimer series is made of very high quality and wear-proof woollen fabric. The fabric is both smooth and warm. This Mortimer version is perfect for cosy and felted atmospheres. Its casual chic style wonderfully fits in our times.

Mortimer On Demand

We do work with the World’s greatest fabric editors. Our exigency has led us to cooperate with the most exceptional brands, so that our armchairs fit in what is our vision of perfection and French quality tradition.


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Paco Tourté, the label creator, has imagined a whole range of Mortimer original series, with fabrics selected amongst the best European editors.

Mortimer can be made with fabrics chosen by you, with personalised advice by Paco Tourté according to the place you want to set it in or the atmosphere you want to make it evolve in.

All colour combinations are feasible (structure colours / aperture colours) in the three proposed coatings or in a fabric provided by the client (to be seen with customer service).